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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Way outta my league...

I have the privilege of being on a board at the local newspaper. We meet every other week during lunch and discuss issues facing our community. Most meetings we invite a city official or other person that holds a public position to join us. Some of our guests have included the mayor, school superintendent, head of economic development and various board members. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about Cheech Marin, not really. Seriously, you think we would choose Cheech before Chong? The meeting usually consists of the editor asking questions and the city official attempting to answer these questions without jeopardizing their chances of re-election/keeping their job while avoiding answering questions entirely. I have noticed that some of these guests are so rehearsed in their responses, so callous to genuine conversation that they seldom connect with the group. Granted, the board is made up of normal citizens that could break confidentiality and blab every response to the town. Nevertheless, we converse for about an hour, never really getting a solid response.

I was thinking that this isn't much different from most of my conversations throughout the day, even those with my best friends. When someone says something that I disagree with or think is really stupid, I keep my mouth shut with hopes that they find the truth (or at least better logic) somewhere else. My own silence condones their statements--as long as I don't have to speak up, I'm relieved. I don't want to be overly-opinionated, someone who pops off at any hint of dissension, but dang, stop being a wuss. Who the heck is going to tell them if I don't? If I can't speak up about mere opinions--especially in a country that allows me to have an opinion, what the heck would I do in a country that wouldn't?
Here's another scenario: what if my neighbor was being verbally abusive to his wife and I happen to see them and I'm worried about her safety? You think I would be willing to speak up right to his face? Nope, I can't even disagree with a friend, much less an angry, beer-guzzling, wife-beater sporting, receeding hairline, (i'm having so much fun here, you can feel in the next blank)_____________.

How many people have I neglected to speak up for that have no voice? What about those who I know are lost and haven't bothered to tell them the message of Christ's love for them? All this to say, it's on. That's right, I am going to wake up in the morning with a backbone and take a stance on something, maybe.


  • At Wed Jul 20, 05:29:00 PM, Anonymous lexrob said…


    I always noticed that you weren't willing to speak up, but I never had the courage to say anything.

    Just kidding. But I know how you feel. Not that I'm exactly known for keeping my yap shut, but it seems like the times I need to speak up the most are the times I clam up.


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