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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Post for stress relief
It's been a stressful day, so I thought I might try my hand at a funny story. (Inspired by lexrob.com)
I started college in the Fall of 1996 at HSU; traveled the 2.5 miles from my house to Anderson dorm. Anyone who knows anything about a small private University knows the "bubble" mentality present on these campuses. All this to say that it felt like I was miles away from home. One day I was walking across campus to to class (must have been in the afternoon) and a receipt was blowing across the lawn. Well, I say it was a receipt, I didn't know what it was until it blew right up to my feet. I picked it up. I suppose I could write another blog discussing why I picked it up. The only item on the receipt was a package of condoms. "No way this is one of my fellow students', we're all Christians here!" That's not the funny story, that didn't come until my second semester.
After having divorced my two roommates, (my two high-school buddies) I re-located to the room next door-it was conveniently connected to my old room by a shared bathroom. I was extremely cozy in my new room and my new roomie was a lot easier to deal with, though I could just walk through the bathroom to check up on my old homies and get a dose of the stinch that seemed to linger despite weekly room checks. I think the RA was mysteriously hypnotized upon entering the room due to the fact that he never punished the boys-I mean, the room could have easily been used as a biology project.
Back to my story. One night, I woke up in my new room feeling extremely warm in the center regions of my body. I franctically looked across the room to make sure my roomie was asleep and begin to formulate a gameplan. Funny, they don't cover situations like this in Freshman orientation-maybe I skipped that day to comb the lawn for stray receipts. I changed my drawers, flipped my mattress and went right back to sleep. I was 19 at the time-and to think I made fun of those plastic covers they put on the beds.


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