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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Shaq or Kobe?
I'm no huge sports fan, but I do love to watch and play just about any sport. I'm not the guy who checks the scores on his cell phone, in fact, I can hardly remember who won the major championships from year to year. However, I do go through these stages where ESPN is about the only channel I watch.I even made a bracket for the NCAA tournament this year. I won't tell you my picks until I win, that's right, not until I nail every game! Anyway, check out this article about the rivalry b/t Shaq & Kobe. I have to choose Kobe, I think his game is more rounded and I tend to resent the often skill-challenged power forwards of today. Those who can't shoot free throws, well, they suck.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Something happened to me this weekend...
Old friends, good fun, my wife rocks!

My wife surprised me for my birthday and planned a trip to San Antonio with some of my buddies to catch a Spurs game (recap) and hang out. I was a little bummed that she wasn't joining me, but I made do! We got up Saturday morning only to find that one of my friend's wives was starting to have contractions...we thought it better for him to stay and wait on the baby... he's still waiting today.
Our adventure took us from a rude restaraunt on the riverwalk to the Tower of the Americas, where I almost lost my lunch. (somewhere in b/t, we found ourselves watching a looney tunes movie-i kind of liked it, but don't tell the boys ) As the trip matured, we actually did the exact opposite. Our cordiallity, manners, and inhibitions seem to check themselves at the door-only to be replace by sarcasm, humor, and lots of illegal drugs. Just kidding, I just wanted to see if anyone was reading this. We became comfortable with one another and really began to share what was on our hearts, though it was cleverly disguised by wise-cracks and enough sarcasm to put David Spade (or Dr. Phil, depending on how you take him) to shame. Something happened to me this weekend...in the place I least expected. I began to realize that I had quite a bit of junk laying on my heart and I needed to deal with it, exactly as I did-make fun of it, joke about it, kick it in the junk, whatever. Anyway, it worked. You see, there was a time when I thought it wrong (if not wrong, definitely weak or inferior) to doubt or grow weary of the task set before me. I was so ashamed that I never really accomplished anything in my ministry and the church was never there to lend hand. I don't blame the church, how could I expect anything different from a group who was inwardly having all of the same struggles? I think that the second greatest decision I've ever made in my life was to just deal with things...though I may not be good at it, I try, and for now that's where I'll be...